Water and Wastewater

Water crisis due to drought, shortage of sufficient water resources, non-revenue waters and lack of proper wastewater treatment is one of the biggest challenges the country’s managers are facing to it. Correct management of water resources, the use of alternative waters for increasing water resources, reduction of non-revenue waters, water recycling, mechanizing the agricultural system, auditing high-consumption industries and finally urban and rural wastewater treatment are some of the most important government programs for fighting against the spread of drought and water shortage. Desalinating the waters of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea and transferring it to the Central Plateau of Iran, in addition to providing drinking and sanitary water for the central provinces of Iran, will also supply the required water for the industry and agriculture sectors and the previous resources will be used in more important sectors. Reconstruction of water transmission lines for preventing water leakage in water transmission and distribution networks, as well as the use of smart water meters in domestic, industrial and rural branches will greatly reduce the amount of non-revenue waters. Water recycling in industrial water cycles, as well as recycling the gray wastewater in the domestic sewage system are the most efficient methods in reducing water consumption in these sectors. According to the statistics announced by the country’s managers, about eighty percent of the country’s water is used in the agricultural sector, a high percentage of which is used in flooding method. Mechanizing the irrigation system in the agriculture industry and the use of modern irrigation methods instead of the flooding system will greatly reduce water consumption in this section. Moving high-consumption industries close to the seas and auditing industries in high-consumption sectors, including cooling towers, can be a way for conserving available resources. Certainly biological treatment of wastewater for using the effluent in the agricultural sector in cities and villages, as well as supplementary treatment for purifying the effluent and removing heavy metals and replacing it with fresh water sources used by industry is one of the most basic solutions to overcome On the current and forthcoming crisis. In addition to returning water to the consumption cycle, wastewater treatment is also of special importance in terms of environmental protection, which is another concern of the government.

Saba Tajhiz Bazargan Company, while maintaining and improving its position in the country’s industry in the field of supplying equipment for various industries, has set the maximum growth in supplying water, wastewater and environment equipment as its biggest goal for the future of the company. Transferring new and up-to-date technologies and supplying the equipment in the field of salt water treatment by RO and ZLD methods, water and wastewater transmission systems and new wastewater treatment systems including Rotating Biological Connector, Sequential Batch Activator, Membrane Biological Activator and Moving Bed Biofilm Activator are among the items on the company’s agenda and this company is ready to transfer these technologies to the country.

Domestic wastewater packages for recycling gray wastewater as well as container treatment plants for installation in hospitals, administrative and trading centers and small industries are other markets defined for the company’s field of activity.
In the industrial sector, supplying the internal components for wet cooling towers and optimizing the existing towers are on the company’s agenda.

Among the manufacturers with whom we have cooperated for years, and based on a mutual memorandum of understanding, there is the possibility of supplying goods from them and importing to Iran, the following companies can be mentioned:

  • Dow/ Filmtec Company from U.S.A for all types of Membranes
  • Hydranautics Company from U.S.A for all types of Membranes
  • Codeline Company from India (U.S.A) for all types of Pressure Vessels
  • ERI Company from U.S.A for all types of Energy Recovery
  • Aqua Engineering Company from Austria for all types of Treatment Plants
  • Enexio Company from Germany for all types of Treatment plants
  • Waterleau Comany from Belgium for all types of Treatment Plants
  • SFCU Company from Austria for all types of Treatment Plants