SABA at a glance

Saba Tajhiz Bazargan Company in the field of foreign trade, relying on the knowledge of its business experts and technical personnel, with complete cognition about the Iranian industries and industry requirements, enjoying the international relations especially in Europe with reputable companies and famous manufacturers of industrial equipment and based on cooperation with Business partners in intermediary countries such as Turkey and the UAE, also having satisfactory business relations with institutions, companies and internal organizations, has always tried to maintain its position in the country’s industry so that can define customer satisfaction and offering optimal services with a focus on supplying goods at reasonable price, desirable quality, minimum delivery time, after-sales services and technical and economic advice as its policy and be diligent in realizing it.
Establishing a continuous communication network with the customers for ensuring them about the goods status is one of the priority goals of Saba Tajhiz Bazargan Company, which can minimize the existing concerns in this field.
In technical issues, due to our engineering staff’s high ability and experience, who all are trained in various industries in the fields of designing, installation, execution, commissioning and operation, offering advices from the beginning of ordering goods to the end of the start-up time and start of operation is on the company’s agenda and it is a part of the necessary services to the dear customers.
Saba Tajhiz Bazargan as official member of Iran-Oman Chamber of Commerce is ready to cooperate in the field of import and export through this chamber.
Regarding the company manager’s attitude about the environmental protection and special importance to domestic production, this company has established the filter production factory and it is currently producing all kinds of filters such as Pocket Filter, Pleated Filter, Compact Filter and Hepa Filter with the highest quality.


Supply of equipment

Gearbox and Material Handling Equipment

Supplying various types of gearbox motors and material handling equipment from the most reputable Western European manufacturers

Rotating Equipment

Supplying all types of pumps, compressors, turbines and other rotating equipment from Western Europe


Supplying industrial valves and actuators from Western Europe


Supplying all types of pipes, fittings, flanges and gaskets from Western Europe

Automation and Instrumentation

Supplying all types of instrumentation and industrial automation systems from the most reputable Western European manufacturers


Supplying all types of engines from the most reputable Western European manufacturers

Water and Wastewater

Supplying all types ofdesalination equipment and modern wastewater treatment systems from Western Europe


Supplying all types of dry and wet dust collectors and all types of industrial filtration systems from the most reputable Western European manufacturers