Technical and Commercial Support


  • Offering the goods’ technical specifications and documents including:
  1. Technical data sheet and catalog of the equipment
  2. Manual and instructions for installation, maintenance and repair (IOM)
  3. Quality system documentations
  4. Raw material certificates
  5. Test and inspection certificate
  6. Certificate of goods originality and equipment calibration
  7. Certificate of origin and shipping documents
  • Providing Performa Invoice from the manufacturer with mutual terms and conditions
  • Receiving and submitting samples of goods (at the request of the client and the possibility of sending)
  • Supplying the goods according to the standards and the client’s design criteria based on the list proposed to the client or in accordance with the vendor list approved by the client
  • Enabling the clients to visit factories producing goods based on commercial terms
  • Possibility of testing and inspection in the presence of reputable inspection companies and third parties and the possibility of presenting related documents to the client
  • Possibility of offering supervisory services at the time of equipment installation on the project site
  • Mechanized operation support systems
  • Educating the customers