The importance of valves and their widespread application in industrial plants is not hidden from anyone. Valves play an essential role during operation period due to the contact of their internal components with the fluid and the fluid various conditions such as temperature, pressure, type of operation and of course abundance of application in fluid transmission and distribution networks and are always considered as the most important plant components during operation period. Proper selection of valves and, of course, observing the standards of the construction and materials used in the valves production process can minimize the worries about the operation and lines’ closure, and also significantly reduce the costs of repairs, maintenance and spare parts. Production of valves in different types of size, working class, pressure rate, temperature range, range of material involved with the fluid and outside of it, functional range, operating method and etc. has caused the manufacturers of valves and standard institutes to explain many and various standards Regarding the design and manufacture of valves. Correct understanding of the standards is very important in designing process of valves and determining the specifications of valves based on different operating ranges of temperature, pressure, fluid type and etc. requires high experience and extensive technical knowledge. Meanwhile, based on the defined process in each plant and in accordance with it, the lines control method requires careful design of control operators of valves and control valves and designing them requires awareness of the site utility conditions, system control method and operation method of the operators and control valves.

At the request of employers, specialized personnel in Saba Tajhiz Bazargan Company to consult, design, prepare or complete a list of items for the purchase of valves, actuators and control valves according to the latest standards of valve manufacturers, research institutes and industrial standards of valves and handbooks for various plants Industrial companies are ready to provide services.
At the request of the clients, specialized personnel in Saba Tajhiz Bazargan Company will be ready for offering services such as consulting, designing, preparing or completing the purchase list of valves, operators and control valves for all types of industrial plants according to the latest standards of valve manufacturers, research institutes and industrial standards of valves and handbooks. Based on years of experience and cooperation with reputable manufacturers, this company is able to supply all types of valves, operators and control valves from all over the world for its customers according to the list proposed by the manufacturers or the client’s approved vendor list. In addition, by enjoying technical and experienced personnel in the fields of oil, gas, petrochemical, water and wastewater and steel and mining industries, it is possible for this company to design the valves optimally and offer consulting and support services to the clients.

Among the manufacturers with whom we have cooperated for years, and based on a mutual memorandum of understanding, there is the possibility of supplying goods from them and importing to Iran, the following companies can be mentioned:

  • Georg Fischer Company from Switzerland for all types of Polymer Valves
  • Erhard Company from Germany
  • KSB Company from Germany
  • InterApp Company from Italy
  • Mankenberg Company from Germany
  • Pruss Company from Germany
  • Arflu Company from Spain
  • Weir Power& Industrial Company from England