The industrialization of the societies, the increasing growth of industries and consequently the increase of the pollutants volume have made concerns about the future of the environment, as the heritage of our posterities, and the pollutants control method to become one of the most fundamental concerns of the human societies. Undoubtedly, industries play a major role in the existing pollution and by observing the allowed standards and parameters defined by environmental organizations and legislative institutions, the amount of these industrial pollutions will reduce significantly. The use of appropriate dust collecting systems and filters in industries, in accordance with the process type of each plant, is one of the basic elements in reducing the pollutants volume. Designing various types of dust collecting and dry and wet filtration systems including ESPs, pocket filters, wet scrubbers and etc. in areas which pollution and dust produces and the use of analyzers at the outlets, are some of the ways that can significantly reduce the pollution. Saba Tajhiz Bazargan Company is ready for offering all of the services related to the designing dust collecting systems and supplying complete equipment for wet and dry dust collecting systems, as well as supplying various types of filters from domestic and foreign manufacturers according to the latest standards and criteria of Iran Environment Organization. Moreover, it is possible for the manufacturers of the dust collecting equipment to design this equipment.

Among the manufacturers with whom we have cooperated for years, and based on a mutual memorandum of understanding, there is the possibility of supplying goods from them and importing to Iran, the following companies can be mentioned:

  • Filter Muller Company from Germany
  • Scam Filtres Company from France

Supplying required raw media and materials and manufacturing industrial filters under the license and supervision of reputable international brands are also ongoing in our company.