Automation and Instrumentation

Today, the application of industrial automation and instrumentation is abundantly visible in various industries and industrial processes. Controlling the complicated measurement processes and systems used in the oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, chemical, food, automotive and other industries require highly accurate and sensitive tools. Recent progresses in process and measurement control of various industrial parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow, etc. have increased the products quality and significantly have reduced the production costs. Designing the industrial automation and instrumentation systems and selecting and purchasing equipment from valid vendors and reputable European brands reduces installation and commissioning costs and period. Selecting and purchasing equipment from reputable and standard manufacturers, while providing the potential for expanding the site and performing complicated operations, simplifies their repair and maintenance. Selecting and purchasing the automation and instrumentation system from valid vendor not only increases the quality and speed of the production but also Simultaneously leads to more accurate and faster quality control, reduces the production waste and increases the plant’s productivity and safety factor of the site.

Among the manufacturers with whom we have cooperated for years, and based on a mutual memorandum of understanding, there is the possibility of supplying goods from them and importing to Iran, the following companies can be mentioned:

  • ABB Company from Sweden
  • SIEMENS Company from Germany
  • Schneider Electric Company from France
  • Krohne Company from Germany
  • Endress & Hauser Company from Switzerland