Saba Tajhiz Bazargan at a Glance

Saba Tajhiz Bazargan Co. was established to create an extensive network of purchase, sale and international marketing with the participation of some industry, trade and customs experts in order to provide services for mining, metal and nonmetal, petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries in areas like marketing, purchase and sale of goods, import, export and cargo transit. Relying on the knowledge of its business professionals and technical personnel, and with full recognition of Iran's industries and industrial needs based on commercial exchanges and communication with a number of suppliers within and outside the country, as well as utilizing satisfactory trade relations with institutions, companies and organizations inside the country, this company has always tried to maintain its position in the industry by setting its policy to focus on customer satisfaction and offering optimum service at reasonable prices, desired quality, minimum delivery time, after-sales service, and technical and commercial consultation.


Equipment Manufacturers& Suppliers